PaidAlts ( Official Terms of Service (Last Updated March 12 2018)

Upon the purchase of any product from PaidAlts you agree to the following...

  1. PaidAlts reserves the rights to change these Terms of Service at any time.
  2. You agree that we do not provide a refund under any circumstance, only replacements IF NECESSARY.
  3. You will not chargeback the account under any circumstance.
  4. You will not leave a negative rating before contacting support, and if you do you will NOT receive a replacement.
  5. If you are in-fact patient and contact support with a non-working account, you will be rewarded a new account.
  6. If you contact support saying "all accounts do not work" or along the lines of that, and one or more works we can refuse support to you.
  7. PaidAlts is not responsible for anything that happens to these accounts or yours.
  8. You have a 6 hour warranty to contact support with a non-working account.
  9. Breaking any of these terms can result in a blacklist from the PaidAlts store.