BetaChecker is a program made by the owner of PaidAlts which allows you to get your own Minecraft accounts. If you ever wondered how we have thousands of accounts, today you will learn. This program can check MASSIVE amounts of 'combos', which are email:password pairs. It will check each and every one and then output all of the working accounts. It also checks if the account has a Minecon cape, ranks on servers, security questions, and more. There are also plenty of other account shops that also use BetaChecker to get their stock. It is a very advanced yet easy to use program, great for those who run a shop, your average buyer who wants to confirm that they aren't being scammed by shops, or even just someone who wants some free accounts.

For a full detailed advertisement on BetaChecker, check out the official thread here

The base price is $20 for single users or $27.50 for teams. You can contact me on Discord at Joey#3518 or Skype at epicpengy